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Bed bugs are becoming more common every year in the united states. They were 100% extinct in north america in the 1950's when people used DDT to treat them. New bed bugs are coming in from other parts of the world through travel and commerce. The new bed bugs coming in have extreme pesticide resistance and can rarely be treated chemically. The only guaranteed way to treat bed bugs is to treat them using extreme heat. When heat is used properly it eliminates all bed bugs and their eggs. to determine if your bed bugs can be treated chemically or if heat will be needed call swift today to schedule a free inspection! 520-901-0349


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Maui is both our family dog and our #1 employee. He is great with the kids and he always shows up to work on time. Maui is a 1 year old male standard poodle. We originally got Maui because he was a trained seizure detecting dog. we knew he would learn to track down bed bugs easily with his already trained nose. Maui's hobbies include going to the dog park, playing fetch, and going on walks with our kids.

Maui is trained to detect both bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Maui uses his nose to sniff out places we cannot see where bed bugs tend to hide. This way we can detect bed bugs hiding in wall voids without damaging your property. Dogs who are trained to sniff bed bugs have been known to sniff out as few as 1 bed bug. Maui's services are free if you use Swift to treat the bed bugs he detects. To schedule a free visit from Maui call us at 520-901-0349.

Heat treatment for bed bugs is the only guaranteed method of eradicating all life cycles of bed bugs from your property. because it works so well Swift offers a 1-3 year warranty on qualifying bed bug services. give us a call to find out more. 520-901-0349

 Juana A.

"Swift Pest Solutions was recommended to me by a friend when we got bed bugs. Jeff kept it desecrate which was fabulous! because getting bed bugs is embarrassing! Jeff matched the low price of another company i was looking at and because he came recommended I used him. Jeff came to do the treatment same day! I recommend Swift now! he did a fabulous job getting rid of the bed bugs in my 3 rooms. Thank you Jeff!"

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