Terms & Conditions

Swift Pest Control will notify the customer in advance (email/call/text) of each scheduled service, informing you of the date we will be out to service the exterior of your home. In the event that you make an appointment and are not home for the scheduled service, will treat all exterior areas of the home and a service ticket/invoice will be emailed or left on your door. Swift Pest Control reserves the right to alter scheduled services.

Agreement Period: Upon completion of the agreement period, service will be continued, under the terms and conditions indicated in this service agreement, until canceled with a 30-day notice before next service. By signing this agreement, Customer agrees to receive and pay for all services as outlined above. If for any reason, Customer is not able to fulfill the terms of this agreement, Customer agrees to pay an early termination fee equal to the discount given for the initial service. Swift Pest Control agrees to provide services in accordance with the terms and conditions as outlined on this agreement. Customer agrees to receive and pay for all services as outlined on this agreement and to make the premises available to perform such services. Customers who have opted to have automatically charge their Credit/Debit Card each treatment authorize Swift Pest Control to automatically withdraw funds from their credit/debit Card and that the entire amount due on the account will be charged after the service has been rendered. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until Swift Pest Control has received notification from the Customer of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford a reasonable opportunity to act on it. Cancellation of credit/debit card payment does not cancel the pest control service agreement. The only obligation of Swift Pest Control under this agreement is to provide the treatments as outlined. This agreement does not guarantee against present or future insect damage to buildings or contents, nor does it provide for repair or compensation. This agreement does not cover termite control, unless specified.

Swift Pest Control is not liable for any actual or consequential damages to the property or contents sustained by the customer as a result of pest activity or for any repairs to buildings or contents. Swift Pest Control is not responsible for any harm or losses brought about by contact with any of the products it used to treat the property. Swift Pest Control retains the ability to raise prices to compensate for economic factors influencing the cost of doing business, such as inflation. Cancellation of this agreement must be made within 30 days of the next scheduled service. Cancellation of this agreement prior to the end of the initial agreement length will result in a contract termination fee equal to the discount given for the initial service. All payments are due upon completion of service date, and must be paid in full within 30 days from that service date. When the account is determined to be severely delinquent, any applicable termination fees will be added to the outstanding balance. The account will then be placed with a certified collections agency or an attorney for collections. Customer's failure to make payment in full in a timely manner shall terminate any duties of Swift Pest Control under this agreement without further notice or action by Swift Pest Control and discharge from any obligation to Customer. In the event that legal action is necessary to collect any amount of money due for services provided, Swift Pest Control shall be entitled to recover from Customer all costs of past due balances and the cost of the collection agency fee of up to 30% of the past due balance. Following the initial agreement terms, this contract will remain in effect until cancelled prior to 30 days of the next scheduled service. There is no termination fee after the initial agreement length. Customer agrees that if Swift Pest Control is unable to gain access to the entire property because of locked gates, dogs, or any other reason, service will be performed on the areas that are accessible, and theCustomer will be charged the full service rate. However, Swift Pest Control will note the lack of access on the service ticket, and Swift Pest Control agrees to return and treat the inaccessible areas or any other areas experiencing pest activity upon Customer's request for no additional charge. Customer agrees to notify Swift Pest Control prior to technician rendering service of any occupant of the premises to be treated who is allergic or sensitive to the products used. Upon request, Swift Pest Control will provide Customer with a copy of the manufacturer's specimen label (MSDS Sheet) of pesticides which will be used to treat the premises. Due to conditions beyond our control such as weather conditions and sprinklers, we cannot guarantee "Yard Treatments" or "Tick Treatments" with unlimited re-services. Any deviation from the regular service schedule by the homeowner may void the guarantee and require additional services.

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Here Are the Products We Use:

Cy-kick CS

Demand CS

Defense SC

Flumigard CS

Termidor SC

Taurus SC

Prothor SC 2

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Our Guarantee

If you need additional treatments in between regular services, we will come back to your home for Free.

If you have a specific unresolved pest issue and we have returned more than 2 times in between regular treatments, we will refund 100% of your last bill. We don't know of any local company that truly says, "We put our money where our mouth is" like Swift Pest Control.

Referral Program

Nothing means more to us than trusting us with your friends, family, and neighbors. If you're happy with the service, we would love to serve them as well.

If you refer someone to us, your next service is 100% FREE! (just make sure they mention your name when they set up their appointment).

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